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Our Partners

Mary MacKillop Today believes that collaboration is vital to creating sustainable and lasting change. We therefore partner with a number of local organisations and stakeholders within the countries where we work, to ensure change is locally driven and to build the strength of local actors in promoting positive change in their communities. Our partners, listed below, therefore play a vital role in achieving Mary MacKillop Today’s mission.

Timor-Leste: Edmund Rice Foundation Australia
Project: Mobile Learning Centre, Timor-Leste
Project: Vanilla Beans of Hope Project, Timor-Leste

Edmund Rice Foundation (Australia) is an international development organisation which supports sustainable community-based education programs in developing countries and projects for marginalised and disadvantaged groups in Australia.

In particular, ERFA supports education programs in Kenya, Timor-Leste, India, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. Within Australia, ERFA supports programs for socially and financially disadvantaged children, youth and families, including programs for indigenous Australians, refugees and asylum seekers.

Mary MacKillop Today is partnering with Edmund Rice Foundation Australia in Timor-Leste on two projects. The Vanilla “Beans of Hope” project, supporting livelihoods activities developing a vanilla industry among local farmers and generating significant additional household income for project participants. The Mobile Learning Centre, promoting access to quality education in rural areas fostering a love of learning amongst students and support teachers to use child-friendly teaching methods in the classroom.

Peruvian Woman in traditonal dress knitting wearing brown hat looking down at her handsPeru: CCAIJO
Project: Enhancing Women’s Civil Participation in Rural Peru

CCAIJO is a not-for-profit founded by the Jesuits in Peru to promote justice and equity in the Cusco valley region. CCAIJO is dedicated to education and rural development, and provides training and technical support to vulnerable communities to generate changes in the vision and management of the development of the province of Quispicanchi and of the region of Cusco. CCAIJO is helping to build new skills in rural communities, empowering women to be active in their local economy, participate in decision making, and build a more equitable future for other young women.

Peru: CEOP Ilo
Project: Youth Entrepreneurship in Rural Peru

Peru: Fe y Alegria
Project: Citizenship Training in Peru

Fiji: Ola Fou Fiji
Project: Women’s Leadership, Fiji 

Ola Fou Fiji is part of a regional network of organisations committed to empowering young people to make positive contributions as citizens and custodians of their communities. Through their programs, Ola Fou Fiji seek to equip young people to be agents of change to transform, restore and build resilience in vulnerable communities. Mary MacKillop Today is partnering with Ola Fou Fiji to expand and deepen the impact of their work by developing the leadership capacity of young women in remote and underserviced communities.