For Parishes

Mary MacKillop Today is the new flagship ministry of the Sisters of St Joseph in the footsteps of Australia’s fist Saint. We work with communities in Timor-Leste, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Australia following in Saint Mary’s footsteps to partner with local people and provide opportunities in education, healthfinancial inclusion and livelihoods.

Mary MacKillop Today invites your parish to be a part of ‘Mary’s Community’ and build life for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world.

Hold a Parish Appeal

Agree to hold an Appeal at your Parish so we can share the work of Mary MacKillop Today.

Run a Bulletin Notice

Download our bulletin notice to help communicate your Parish Appeal and provide an overview of our vital work for all those reading.

Show our Appeal DVD

Download Mary MacKillop Today’s Parish Appeal DVD, which shares the inspiring story of Willie, a CBR Volunteer in Papua New Guinea.

Become a Parish Ambassador

Become an ‘Ambassador’ for Mary MacKillop Today in your local parish by organising Church Appeals, events and other fundraising activities to help promote the work of Mary MacKillop Today.

Help us Collect Stamps

Help us collect stamps to raise much-needed funds to support our programs in Timor-Leste, Peru, PNG, Fiji, and Australia.

Form a Prayer Group

Consider forming a Prayer Group in your local parish, church or school, to pray for the work of Mary MacKillop Today.