You’ve made Julio a happy dad! - Mary MacKillop Today

You’ve made Julio a happy dad!

Mary MacKillop Today relies on your support to make a difference in the lives of parents in Timor-Leste, where many are not able to be involved in their children’s education. This is often because they have not had the opportunity to go to school, resulting in a lack of basic literacy, with many not being able to read or write. For parents, not being able to engage at home with their children’s learning can be disempowering and it’s vital for children’s long-term development to have their education supported at home. Mary MacKillop Today partnered with the Edmund Rice Foundation Australia, who received support from the Australian Government through an Australian Aid: Friendship Grant, to address this need. Recently, Julio, 33 years old and father of two boys and two girls, received an invitation to attend our parents program training workshops.

“I was really happy when I received the letter from my children that Mary MacKillop Today will do the training at our place… and I am really thankful and hoping that Mary MacKillop Today will continue to provide more training…”

During our parents program, Julio, along with all the participants, was provided with educational books and games to use with his children at home as well as reading and writing activities. Julio also learned some new action songs and how to develop his and his children’s understanding about their rights and responsibilities. At the end of the workshop, Julio was given the opportunity to try out his new and improved skills with a class of children, under the guidance of our amazing parents program team.  Julio’s wish is that other parents living in remote areas, who have the same hopes and dreams for their children, can also receive the training to help increase their children’s future potential.