Dear friends and supporters - Mary MacKillop Today

Dear friends and supporters

As the new CEO of Mary MacKillop Today, I aspire to work diligently, with pride and enthusiasm, alongside our dedicated staff, in serving our vital mission in a way that emulates and honours the legacy and spirit of Saint Mary MacKillop, whilst celebrating and serving you, our generous supporters. Our essential work is only made possible because of you. It is your compassion and kindness that allows us to reach the most marginalised and vulnerable in our communities. In this newsletter you are able to read how important your meaningful support is in bringing education, health, livelihoods and financial inclusion to those in need, empowering women, men, boys and girls with knowledge and skills to help them transform their own lives.

I ask for your prayers, faith and trust, and look forward working with you, as “Great is the strength we possess in our unity.”
With gratitude,
Jane Woolford