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Livelihoods… a fair go for all

womens-livelihoods-pitumarca-emailn-22Sustainable, meaningful and fair livelihoods benefit whole communities, decreasing poverty that helps families to lead meaningful lives, open to all possibilities.

In Peru, MMI partners with a local NGO Solidaridad para el Desarrollo, supporting women like Lourdes, who at age 27 was elected by the women of the Puka Phallcha Association to be their president. Lourdes, like the all women of the association, are proud of their accomplishments and participation in a range of training workshops run through MMI’s Women’s Livelihoods Project. These workshops do not only focus on income generation, but also on human rights, citizenship, and leadership training, helping to ensure that the women’s voices can be heard in their community.

Recently one group member left a meeting early to be sworn in as a local community leader, a great outcome of the ongoing support you are providing. And each time you purchase a Fair Trade product via you are directly contributing to lives of all these women, like Lourdes:

“Before this project, we were afraid to talk and participate in meetings in our community. But now, thanks to our training, we are able to participate and share our opinions with the community.” Lourdes