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Keeping kids healthy in Timor during COVID-19

Keeping kids healthy during COVID-19

Many teachers and community leaders in Timor-Leste are currently not equipped to educate children and their families on basic health and hygiene practices that can prevent diseases like COVID-19.


Will you help keep kids healthy and fight COVID-19 in Timor-Leste with a gift towards our Health Literacy Program?

Your support will help stop the spread of coronavirus, as well as other common preventable diseases in Timor-Leste, such as tuberculosis, malaria, dengue fever and diarrhea. 

You can provide schoolteachers with lifesaving training and health education resource kits containing  health promotion posters, lesson plans and activities, books on various health issues, and a CD with songs about health including handwashing. These are all in the local language, Tetun. 

“Mary MacKillop Today helped me engage my children in school, especially with basic health and hand washing practices. I was so happy to get training and also materials like health books, posters and health guidance books to use for teaching in the classroom.” Asatu, a Grade 2 teacher in Timor-Leste who recently participated in our Health Literacy Program 

Your support makes it possible for teachers like Asatu, in rural and remote schools, to provide vital health and hygiene information to young students in a fun and interactive way.  

Please donate now, so children and their families in the poorest communities can stay healthy – during and beyond this current health crisis. Thank you!