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Clara’s Story

Professor Clara is teaching children in her class to wash their hands


Clara is a dedicated teacher in Fatuberliu, Timor-Leste. Married and with a young son her goal is to teach and guide her students as if they were her own child. Clara recently completed Mary MacKillop Today’s Health Literacy training which has been developed to respond to the significant challenge of some of the poorest outcomes for health in Asia for Timor-Leste. The level of knowledge on preventative health among the general population is extremely low, leading to the high prevalence of many illness that could be prevented through a very basic knowledge of good health and hygiene. With your kind help, Mary MacKillop Today will continue to train teachers, like Clara, to convey vital health information in a fun and interactive environment to educate primary school children. Teachers who attend our 5 day training workshop receive upon completion a health education resource kit to take to their school. As an energetic and creative teacher, Clara encourages her students to use these resources to decorate their classroom with basic health knowledge through photos and drawings, as well as singing songs. She also encourages her students to promote hygiene and basic health literacy to their parents, passing on important skills that all the family will benefit from, leading to bright and healthy futures. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our recent crowdfunding campaign for more health education resource kits – it’s not too late, you can still help out by going to our donation page!

“Before I attended Health Literacy Training I had a little bit of knowledge about how to wash and basic malaria protection… when my name was on the list to attend training with Mary MacKillop Today I was so excited… it really helped me and enforced my skills to share with my students in the classroom.”