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Community Grants – Current Grantees 2023

Stream 1 – Sisters of St Joseph


Organisation NameProject NameState
St. Joseph’s ConventTrio of Gifts
Series of books written and illustrated for children covering important topics like bullying, lack of self-confidence & building resilience.
Sisters of Saint Joseph – North SydneyJosephite Refugee Mentor Support Program (JRMSP)
Building capacity of South Sudanese community through mentoring, upskilling, providing education & vocational opportunities.
Josephite Justice Network Youth Arm – Josephite Action Group (JAG)Risk & Dare Conference 2023 for Young People 16 –24 years
Opportunity for young people to build connections, expand networks, learn and contribute towards social justice issues & create a space to be heard. Two-way learning through lived and learned experiences.
Sisters of Saint Joseph – Broome DioceseEducation & Formation Future Leaders
Personal development programme to upskill younger members in community and church leadership including the incorporation of cultural practices specially in a trans-generational context.
Mary MacKillop House of Western SpiritualityMary MacKillop House of Spirituality, Richmond 2023
Creating a space for quietness and reflection to support the community in healing both personally and as a group, from personal trauma as well as natural disasters.
It further provides a place of connection and growth to a community separated by distance and a lack of resources.


Stream 2 – General (Non SOSJ)


Organisation NameProject NameState
Success Works Partners Inc.The Powerpack Workshop Pilot Programme
Professional development workshop series aimed at increasing the self-confidence, resilience & employability of candidates with a criminal record – focusing on reducing recidivism and breaking down barriers of prejudice on the part of employers.
Little Wings LimitedMedical Wings – Indigenous focus
Face to face pop-up medical clinics at Tamworth, Moree, Bourke, Walgett & Brewarinna providing practical training on culturally sensitive healthcare to local practitioners in partnership with indigenous healthcare professionals.
Deadly Science LimitedDeadly Learners
Providing opportunities to indigenous students in very remote/remote/regional areas to access STEM education by supporting teachers with additional resources in the form of experts in the science, technology, engineering & maths fields.
Milk Crate TheatreACTION: Creative Workshops for at risk youth
Participants learn transferable life skills through engaging in creative activities – outcome will be the making of original short films and sharing stories identified through the workshops.
First Nations focus – “Effecting change through the power of performance”.
Pacific Professionals Network (PPN)Pasifika Student – Professional Mentoring Programme
Providing culturally appropriate mentoring to youth of Pacific Islander background to empower them seek out tertiary pathways, better employment opportunities and break the cycle of under representation in tertiary/higher education studies while being over-represented in anti-social behaviour and crime.
WestWordsWestern Sydney Schools Literacy Development Programme
Using creativity to build life skills of communication, resilience, confidence & resourcefulness – ‘creating change through the power of the written word allows students to potentially change the narratives of their lives’.
National Centre for Childhood GriefA Friend’s Place – Group counselling support for bereaved primary aged school children
Specialised group counselling where children learn to talk about their grief safely & in a healthy way, facilitated by collaborative activities, craft projects and games tailored to the developmental stage of the child.
Macquarie Primary School P&C AssociationConnecting through Robotics and Coding
Encourage the learning of robotics and coding in children from a disadvantaged background.
At another level it also promotes participation of parents/care givers in the education of their kids and builds connections so that learning outcomes are better, as shown by research.
Centre for Inclusive Supports Inc.Uni Life
Part time day programme for young autistic adults with intellectual impairment to experience university. Teaching of life skills like socialising and mentoring to start a business through developing work skills. Transition programme from special schools.
Magwi Development Agency AustraliaConnect Program
Focusing on young refugee, asylum seeker & migrant families to build strong community relationships/capacity in Australian society. Reduce social isolation, empower parents with skills for parenting in an Australian context, improve self-esteem, and access local resources with ease & independence.
St. Anthony of PaduaSt Anthony’s Community & Mental Health Garden
Creating a garden to connect families and children to the school and enrich their learning experience. It is a place of connection, learning, health & well-being – the garden provides a vital link to make vulnerable members of society feel included, safe & welcome.
Gippsland Employment Skills Training Inc.Sewing Group Equipment Upgrade
Purchase of 3 x sewing machines that enables Morwell Primary school families & friends to engage in a community activity through the sewing group which sews for charity.
The project would bring social cohesion and health/well-being benefits to the community and even provide a pathway to employment in a vulnerable area.
Aboriginal Literacy FoundationASPIRE Programme for Girls – Western Victoria
Literacy programme focusing on indigenous female students, providing the necessary mentoring and tuition that would enable them to complete secondary school & make informed choices about their futures. Only use Indigenous female mentors who become vital role models for these children.
Penola Catholic CollegeAmoonguna Solidarity Learning Partnership Programme
A learning & sensory opportunity for indigenous children to know life outside their remote community in the NT.
Interactive learning experience both for the VIC students as well as the Amoonguna primary students.
Hotham MissionGrade 1 – 2 Support for Disadvantaged Children
Homework club for students from the housing towers in North Melbourne struggling largely due to non-English speaking & non-conducive to learning home environments.
The aim is to enable these children to get a firmer foundation in their primary education.
St. Andrews Parish East PerthKids Holiday Club
Holiday programme for children particularly from vulnerable communities, to enjoy and participate in several creative activities in a safe space. Designed to promote non-digital, creative fun activities, engagement, relationship building between different migrant & First Nations groups.