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Peru: Vocational Training for Women & Young People in Rural Peru (completed June 2023)

Project Overview

In the province of Quispicanchi in rural Peru, 95% of young people finish high school, however only 10% of graduates go on to pursue further studies at university or vocational training centres. Of the remaining 90% of graduates who do not have such opportunities, approximately 50% move to urban areas in search of work and those who stay in Quispicanchi find themselves either unemployed or engaged in insecure, low-wage labour. This continues the cycle of poverty in the region.

This project therefore seeks to address barriers to vocational training for young people and women in rural communities, thereby building technical skills of rural communities for employment and job creation. The project works alongside CCAIJO and the Quispicanchi Centre for Technical Productive Education (CETPRO) to design and seek accreditation for vocational training courses based on community and market-demand. Courses focus on a range of technical areas including sustainable agriculture and tourism.

The project trains teachers, equips classrooms with the relevant technology, and enables young people to access courses at a subsidised rate. In addition to technical training, participants also develop life skills including values, resilience, and how to adapt to the changing national and global context, while building connections and experience with the local business sector through learning exchanges, mentoring and placements.

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Australian Aid logoVocational Training for Women & Young People in rural Peru receives support from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

Evaluation Report