Thank you from Theresa! - Mary MacKillop Today

Thank you from Theresa!

Theresa is strong Aboriginal woman from the Gweagal Clan of the Eora Nation, Sydney. She however grew up in her father’s country within the culturally vibrant community of the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community, on the NSW south coast. When Theresa was only seven years old, she lost her father in an accident and tragically her mother to cancer when she was eighteen. Theresa had to grow up quickly, which was at times daunting and a struggle, but it taught her independence and resilience making her the strong woman she is today. Recently, Theresa, a recipient of Mary MacKillop Today’s First Nation Scholarship, graduated with her Masters in Religious Education. Theresa proudly gave the commencement speech and became the first, First Nation’s graduate to wear a traditional Budbili at her graduation. Theresa’s dream is to become a leader in Aboriginal Spirituality and now her dream is about to begin. With your kindness and support, Mary MacKillop Today was able to assist Theresa financially to help her complete her studies and realise her goal. With your ongoing support, you can help students like Theresa gain access to higher education.  Theresa would like to personally thank you, in her Dharawal language, for helping her fulfil her dream.

“Wa nga-mura niya-yan mana-wari-yudi! Didjari-gura niya!”
I wish you all well, and safe travels! Thank you! – Theresa


“My budbili tells the story of the rock engraving of my totem the humpback whale (Wi-yanga – Mother) and her (Gurung – Baby)
out at La Perouse, the Aboriginal Community on the shores of Kamay, Botany Bay. Where it is surrounded by the Country (Nura) and Sea (Garrigarrang) as the whale’s swim through currents in the water as they make their journey (nga-mura).”