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Peru: School Agriculture Project (complete)


Project Overview

In rural Peru, there is often little protein in the diets of children and limited fresh produce. Furthermore, the traditional education in Peru does not teach students practical farming methods to breed animals and enhance the amount of protein in their diets. For this reason, Mary MacKillop Today is supporting our partner, Fe y Alegria, to teach students how to care for small livestock including chickens and guinea pigs, which are both a great source of protein through eggs and meat. Fe y Alegria will develop and implement a curriculum in food security appropriate to the different ages of the student in two rural Peruvian schools. This curriculum will teach students about nutrition and animal husbandry and will be complemented by practical experience caring for the small animals and bio-gardens installed at each school. This will empower children with knowledge about food security and valuable farming techniques for work in their communities.


  • Develop and implement a curriculum to teach 848 students about nutrition and caring for small animals
  • Install areas with small animals and bio-gardens in schools to enable 848 students to gain practical farming experience.


  • Over 800 students will have enhanced knowledge in nutrition and food security
  • 78 teachers will be able to effectively teach children about nutrition and food security.

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