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Janette and Austin’s twelve years of generosity

We always love the chance to speak with the generous people who make our work possible.

Recently we enjoyed chatting with Janette and Austin — a lovely couple who have kindly been making monthly donations to support our work since 2011. Incredible!

Janette told us about the journey that led them to become regular donors.

“We were very heavily involved in our local school when our sons were young. The Josephite Sisters were in charge of the school. We’ve had a very close connection to the Josephites over many years. I see our donations as a way to help fulfil their mission in our lives today. By giving a regular donation, we’ve got some permanence of connection.

Austin explains, “We look at our family and think about the benefits we have. We realise not everyone has those benefits, so we see a very strong responsibility to support the church and support the missions.”

Janette and Austin

“We’re not wealthy people. We’d like to give more, but we give what we can. By giving to the Josephite missions, we know that our money is going where it’s intended to go. Regular donations allow Mary MacKillop Today to plan and continue doing their work.”

Janette and Austin are particularly moved by Mary MacKillop Today’s impact on women around the world.

Janette shares, “Life for women in some societies is brutal. We hear about real-life people and their stories through the work of Mary MacKillop Today. We’ve enjoyed seeing the progress that women have been able to make and how they have been empowered to make changes in their communities and to develop into leaders in their communities. I think for women in impoverished communities, that’s pretty amazing.”

We are so grateful to have such committed supporters like Janette and Austin. Their monthly gifts over the past twelve years have allowed us to reach so many communities in need. Just think how many people can now reach their full potential and flourish, thanks to the generosity of people like Janette and Austin.

“We just hope to make support available so change can happen for people. We see so much poverty and strife in the world, and we need to share our good fortune,” Janette says.

Austin adds, “We are happy to keep giving because we see the changes happening at a grassroots level. We’ve seen how some of the people who’ve trained as teachers have gone on to teach in their village and improve life there. Mary MacKillop Today is reaching so many areas of need. That’s been really helpful for us to see.”

Thank you, Janette and Austin, for your incredible commitment to our work!

If you’d like to become a regular giver through monthly donations, just like Janette and Austin, click here. Your kindness will help create a better tomorrow — today!