"I want to help keep Saint Mary's legacy alive well into the future." - Mary MacKillop Today

“I want to help keep Saint Mary’s legacy alive well into the future.”

Darcy’s connection with Saint Mary MacKillop and the Josephite Sisters extends back to his childhood.

Darcy & Debbie

Darcy explained, “Mary MacKillop arrived in Numurkah (Victoria) on January 12th, 1890, bringing with her three Sisters, Sr Gertrude, Sr Bonaventure, and Sr Teresa. Together, opening St Joseph’s School, they founded the first Josephite Foundation in Victoria…

“I arrived in Numurkah in 1940, starting my primary school years at St Joseph’s in 1943. The Sisters who taught me laid the foundations of who I am today by their care, hard work, and enthusiasm.”

After finishing school, Darcy went on to become a pharmacist. Throughout his life, Darcy kept up a close connection to the Josephite Sisters and Mary MacKillop’s legacy. He served on the board of charitable organisations and has been actively involved in parish activities.

Darcy set up a philanthropic foundation to continue his dedication to making a lasting impact in the lives of others. This was when Darcy made the incredible decision to include a life-changing gift to Mary MacKillop Today in his Will.

For Darcy, the decision to leave a bequest was more than just a matter of financial planning. It was a wonderful representation of his values, beliefs, and connection to the Josephite Sisters, who made such an impact on his early life.

Darcy told us, “I think of the words of St Mary of the Cross: ‘Never see a need without doing something about it.’ We are blessed and extremely fortunate with the life that we can lead in Australia. Leaving a bequest is something that we can do with any extra money that we’ve built up over our working life.

“The Early Education project in Timor-Leste and the Women’s Leadership project in rural Fiji are both the type of projects that I would hope my donations would support.”

Darcy’s generosity and thoughtfulness to help people in need around the world is a true inspiration.

Darcy added, “A bequest is something that any supporter should consider if they can. It need not be a large portion of a person’s estate. Bequests enable Mary MacKillop Today to continue the work started by Mary Mackillop on a larger stage. I want to help keep Saint Mary’s legacy alive well into the future.”

You can help transform the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our community by including a gift to Mary MacKillop Today in your Will, just like Darcy. A gift in your Will, however large or small, can have a powerful and lasting impact for generations to come.

To discuss how you can continue the life-changing work started by Saint Mary Mackillop, please call April de Haan on (02) 8912 2720, or email [email protected].