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Community Grants – Assessment Process

How we assess your application

  • All applications are initially assessed by Mary MacKillop Today staff for eligibility and fit with the Purpose and Selection Criteria.
  • Eligible applications are then assessed by the Grants Committee that includes parties with relevant professional expertise.
  • Recommendations for funding provided by the Grants Committee are approved by the Mary MacKillop Today Board and Chief Executive Officer.

Things we prioritise when assessing applications

Initiatives supported by the Mary MacKillop Today Community Grants Program prioritise projects that:

  • Ensure equity in quality education so that individuals/communities are empowered to realise their full potential (e.g. extra tutoring/homework help, additional music/art programs to further opportunities for children at the margins).
  • Promote economic independence through supporting the strengthening of livelihoods (e.g. providing access to skills training, financial literacy, technology).
  • Support community engagement & participation activities that involve the community to solve issues in their communities.

Additional information

Full or partial funding: While cuts to the amount requested will be avoided, consideration will be given to partial funding of projects where specific desired results can still be achieved, based on itemised budgets.

Ready access to other sources of funds: Preference will be given to applications unlikely to be able to access funds from other sources.

Reporting requirements: Grants activities and project impact will be self-assessed at both the six-month mark and toward the end of the 12-month project timeframe.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

Selection CriteriaAssessment Questions i.e. “To what extent…”
1. Project is a unique response to a community need
  • Does the project respond to a need in the community?
  • Does the project address the issues/challenges it hopes to change?
  • Does the grant funding help the Grantee ‘kick-start’ a new/ innovative idea or strengthen their ongoing work?
2. Project is a strong fit with Mary MacKillop Today’s Community Grants Program Priorities
  • Does the project align well with the Grants Program Priorities?
3. Project is likely to enhance community capacity.
  • Does the project build leadership capabilities/qualities in the affected communities?
  • Does the project build community capacity through learning of new skills, development of networks or resources that will continue after the project?
4. Applicant organisations can measure & evaluate project outcomes & potential risks
  • Does the project have a measuring and evaluation process built into its structure?
  • Does the project have risk assessment completed and measures in place to overcome these risks?
5. Project is likely to achieve sustainable change in the community through partnerships
  • How does the project work with others/groups in the community?
  • Has the project considered ways of working towards sustaining itself after funding is over e.g. small business opportunities, fee for service etc.
6. Funding of up to $10,000 will be significant to the  Grantee
  • Is the organisation below the annual revenue threshold?
  • Does the organisation have other sources of income for this project?


All applicants will hear of the outcomes from us by the first week of December 2024.