Policies and Conditions

Conditions and Criteria

As a recipient of a Mary Mackillop Today Scholarship you agree to the following conditions:

  1. You agree to notify Mary Mackillop Today if you make any changes to your enrolment, including transferring to part-time study, taking leave of absence or changing to a different degree/qualification. If you are part time you will receive half of the payment.
  2. You will complete Progress Reports during the term of the scholarship as requested.
  3. You will meet with your nominated mentor as needed throughout the year.
  4. Any information supplied to Mary MacKillop Today by you is collected for administration matters relating to your scholarship. Your confidentiality will be respected at all times. You may be asked to contribute to promotional materials.
  5. You will notify Mary MacKillop Today of any change in name, address or contact details.
  6. Mary MacKillop Today may terminate your scholarship if you have:
    • Discontinued your program or not enrolled in a program.
    • Failed to meet the eligibility criteria and terms and conditions of your scholarship.
    • Provided false or misleading information when you applied for or once you received your scholarship.
    • Been suspended or excluded for misconduct from your education provider.
    • Breached State or Commonwealth laws.
  1. If you withdraw from your program your scholarship will be terminated. If you reapply for the same program at a later stage, you will need to re-apply for the scholarship.
  2. Only twelve months of leave from your scholarship are permitted, as a result of part-time enrolment and/or leave of absence from your program. If you are not eligible for payment after taking twelve months of leave from your scholarship, the scholarship will be terminated.
  3. You will comply with our policies and if in breach of policy will have your scholarship terminated. All our policies can be found here with the exemption of our digital media policy which can be found below: http://marymackillop2019.oskyweb.com/who-we-are/publications-and-reports/our-policies/

Payment information:

Payments will be made twice per year after the submission of all relevant forms.

It can take up to 14 days from the time forms have been submitted for payments to be processed.

Due to the increase in scholarship amount Mary MacKillop Today can not make advanced payments or offer additional financial support to students. Mary MacKillop Today can however assist you to access services that may be available and will endeavor to do so where possible.

Digital Media Policy for Scholarship recipients

In line with the principles of Mary Mackillop Today the Digital Media Policy is to ensure that the dignity of all members of the Mary MacKillop Today community is respected and upheld throughout any engagement with multimedia including but not limited to the MMT website, student portal, fb, twitter, Instagram.
The purpose of the student portal and any links including a scholarship facebook page is to give scholarship holders and alumni the opportunity to access information about their scholarship, referral pathways, information about events and networking opportunities.

Scholarship recipients should not use the Mary MacKillop Today website, student portal, student fb page, twitter or Instagram:
• To abuse, vilify, defame, harass or discriminate (by virtue of sex, race, religion, national origin or other)
• To send or receive obscene or pornographic material
• To injure the reputation of Mary MacKillop Today
• To infringe the copyright or other intellectual property rights of another person