Help whole communities to flourish with the gift of literacy - Mary MacKillop Today

Help whole communities to flourish with the gift of literacy

Too many people around the world are unable to break their family’s cycle of poverty because they can’t access what is so normal to us — quality education.

Australia’s most loved saint, Mary MacKillop, saw the power of education as a pathway out of poverty. It’s why she devoted her life to breaking through the prejudice of the early 19th century to educate all — regardless of gender, race, faith, or wealth. Her work in Australia benefits all of us to this day.

Mary MacKillop Today is continuing Mary’s legacy as a growing force for change, made possible by the generosity of supporters. Focusing on literacy as the key to lifting people out of poverty, we go where others don’t dare to go – to reach the most marginalised, remote communities here in Australia and overseas on behalf of our supporters.

You can help give children and adults the life-changing opportunity of learning to read, write, and more. Your support for education where it’s needed most will help people, families and whole communities to flourish – today and every day.

Please sign up to monthly donations today. Your regular gifts will help people in some of the most vulnerable situations to build a better life.