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Mary MacKillop Feast Day

Celebrate Mary MacKillop’s Feast Day with your school and help provide education to children in Timor-Leste.


During August, schools are invited to hold their own fundraising activities in celebration of Mary MacKillop’s Feast Day (August 8th).

Education was close to Mary’s heart and she knew its power to lift communities out of poverty. This is why we’d love for teachers, students, and families to celebrate Mary’s Feast Day with us!

Your fundraising will support our Mobile Learning Centre in Timor-Leste that provides children, especially those in remote areas, with access to creative and fun learning activities as well story books in the local language.


Download our Feast Day Fundraising Guide

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For more information about fundraising this Feast Day contact Fiona on [email protected] or 02 8912 2708.